Best Way to Learn Piano Online

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When it comes to playing the piano, it is not as simple as a professional player makes it look. To play it like a professional player, you need to practice regularly. Without regular practice, it will be hard to play it smoothly.

Learning the piano online means that you can take a class anytime and anywhere. It allows you to practice regularly and improve your skills. So what is the best way to learn piano online? Here are a few resources that will help you learn and practice the piano.

Best Websites for Online Piano Lessons

Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions is arguably the best online platform to learn piano. They have a huge library for all levels of players, and they offer a variety of lessons and courses for beginners.


When you make some progress, you unveil new lessons that keep you motivated all the time. They provide you a detailed course about the basics of playing before taking you to the theoretical part. The classes keep you engaged and you won’t feel overwhelmed at all.

You can track your progress and play a song as soon as you learn it. The platform keeps a record of your progress, including wrong and right notes played. You can record while you play and replay it later to find your mistakes, which significantly improves your skills.

However, it’s a paid course, and you have to pay a monthly fee. Furthermore, if you want to learn more than five songs a month, you need to pay additional charges.



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This successful online program boasts over 250,000 students around the world. Pianoforall incorporates the methods that many famous self-taught players used.

It is the ideal method for step-by-step learners who want to learn to play their favorite songs in just a few days. Plus, you can learn to read music while learning to play.

While it is a paid website, they regularly offer specials to sign up. Plus, at the price, you will be saving money as you will not have to purchase any music. With 9 interactive books, you can find plenty of songs to play.


Additionally, there is a wide number of genres to choose from. Whether you like blues, rock ‘n’ roll, or ballads, there is something for everyone.

Zebra Keys

Zebra Keys is a free website to learn the piano online. All the lessons are written by professionals while targeting beginners, and the lessons are easy to understand and follow.

The best part is that they have built an interactive piano keyboard that allows you to practice during the lesson. There are very few free websites that allow this feature. You can practice right on the lesson page as soon as you are learning.

Every key is built perfectly, and you can see the letter of each note below the key. It makes it easier to understand each key and remember it for further songs.

When you think that you have made enough progress in learning a song, you can use their Z-Board V1.0. It is a virtual piano keyboard with all chords and notes mentioned on it. It makes it easy to practice a song at any time.

The website also features some training tools that help you increase your music understanding. A few of these tools include interval ear trainer, keyboard trainer, a chord ear trainer, scale ear trainer, etc.

Piano Nanny

Piano Nanny is one of the rare resources that offer detailed piano learning at no charge at all. It takes you through all the basics while making you feel you are learning piano with a real teacher sitting next to you.

Every lesson includes information along with images regarding how to play it. It also features mini-applications, including a “Notes” application that allows you to take notes while learning. There are also some applications that allow you to practice effectively.

When you press a piano key, it shows the note automatically. It allows you to remember the keys and notes while encouraging you to improve your skills.

Apart from beginners, there are lessons for intermediate and expert players. Piano Nanny is a very detailed website that offers everything from the basics of music to expert guidelines.

Best Way to Learn Piano Online

ArtistWorks: Piano with Christie Peery

ArtistWorks is a paid website that allows you to interact with professional players and get feedback on your songs. If you are someone who prefers learning piano in real-time from a person, this is a platform designed for you.

There are hundreds of lessons for every experience level player. You can learn these lessons and record your own video while playing a song. You can submit the song, and Christie will review your recording.

Furthermore, you will get feedback on your recording, which will help you to work on your shortcomings. You can also discuss your shortcomings with other expert players and learn from them.

The platform gives you a sense of the traditional way of learning. It allows you to improve your notes with the help of other players.

Plern Piano

Plern Piano is a unique source of learning piano, and you just may become addicted to it. Unbelievably, it is one of the most fun and interesting ways of learning a piano.

Plern Piano allows music composers to create a song. At the same time, it allows beginners to import and learn to play a song. It plays the song and provides you instructions regarding which key to press for a note, and it gives you the duration of the note.

It is a completely free source of learning. However, you need to sign up to start your learning. There is no fee to sign up, and you don’t need to add any email or personal information.

Plern Piano provides you a perfect platform to learn and practice your lessons. Its interactive and addictive style of learning keeps it engaging for beginners. You won’t lose your interest and you will keep progressing in learning the piano.


Learning piano is a long process that requires consistent effort and time. You have to spend enough time daily on the above-mentioned resources to increase your skills. All of these platforms offer a variety of courses and lessons to help you with learning the piano.

However, some of these websites charge you a monthly fee for their services. When you pay for their services, you get live support and professional feedback for your recordings.

If you don’t want to subscribe to a paid website, you can always go with free websites, including Zebra Keys, Plern Piano, and Piano Nanny. They provide you detailed information, including expert-level courses. However, you can’t interact with experienced players, as they don’t offer any such service.

Regardless of whether you choose a paid or free course, you have to be patient and consistent. You have to read and practice daily until you can play a song without a mistake. Then, you can move to another song and play among your friends to give a boost to your confidence. It will help increase your learning progress.

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