Learn Piano online. It’s a hell of a lot easier than you might think.

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Is it Possible to Learn piano online

It is 110% absolutely possible to learn piano online. A lot more people than you probably think have learned to play the piano online. In today’s world, a lot of people learn new skills from an online platform. It’s becoming more and more common. In an online world of digital platforms like YouTube and PianoForAll it has never been easier or more accessible to learn piano online.

Online piano lessons can take on a few different scenarios. You could be in contact with a teacher who you might have a zoom or a skype call every week to have your lesson with. Or you could sign up to a free or paid online piano course. I have used PianoForAll previously. It is very much geared to being an absolute beginner with little to no prior music knowledge.

With an online platform, you can come and go as often as you please. You can access lessons or songs whenever you want them. You are not waiting for your next lesson to be instructed to what to do. You can learn what you want, when you want it. There is a lot more freedom with that style of learning, which may be more beneficial to certain types of people.


If you are a person who is able to motivate themselves to learn a new skill, to learn piano online may be the better option for you. If you prefer to have more structure, then perhaps getting an in person teacher may be best.

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Can I learn Piano online for free?

There are many different ways to learn piano online. There are many free options too. I think YouTube is a great place to start if you are looking to learn piano online for free.

You can find lost of different channels that will focus on the many different aspects of musical training you should need.

The major downside to this is that it won’t have any clear structure and unless you’ve learned an instrument before you may be left wondering where do I start or what should I learn next? If you are a complete beginner I would suggest enrolling yourself in an online course. I’ve previously mentioned Piano for all in this article.

This software is generally on sale a lot, so you can pick it up quite cheap generally between 30-40 dollars, as a one time payment that gives you life time access to over 200 video lessons. You get access to a range of e-books and learn piano online whenever you want.

The alternative is to pay a teacher every week or 2 weeks for a 30 minute lesson about something that you might not even be interested in.

There are lots of free websites out there also, I look into these in more detail in another post I have on here, I’ll link it here: Best Way To Learn Piano Online

Go and explore all the different options and do plenty of research before you pick one. Generally I would advise to try and stick to one and do as much of it as you can before you move on to another course.

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Can I teach myself piano?

Yes, of course. In our modern world I think you could teach yourself anything.


I think the hardest part about teaching yourself something like the piano is to keep yourself motivated. Keep your own lessons interesting. Learn about things that you want to learn about. If you have no interest in learning about music theory when you first start learning piano, learn skip it. You will at some point have to learn about it, but at the start the nitty-gritty details of it may bog you down and confuse you.

Where to start?

Start with the basics, get confident with them and build on each thing that you do. Start with looking at the layout of the piano. There ‘s a pattern to the keys and each key on the keyboard has a letter name. focus on getting these down. Then maybe look at learning some very basic chord structures. Keyboard Chords for Absolute Beginner’s This would be a good article to check out to help you get started with building and understanding chords.

I think once you understand chords and get confident moving around then, you can start to look at some easy songs to learn. I will be putting together an article soon to look at some of the easier ones to target first. But I would think about some of the beatles song’s like, Let it Be, Yesterdday or Hey Jude. They would be easy songs to start with.

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What is the best website to learn piano online?

I’m not sure if there is a 100% correct answer to this question. If you want to learn piano online I think it’s important to set your expectations accordingly. You’re likely not going to be playing concertos and sonatas after your first week. Learn piano online at a pace that suits you.

I think it comes down to what your goals are. If you want to learn a few easy songs and grasp the bare bones of playing the piano, then I do think that is something that would be entirely possible to achieve with a free platform like YouTube. Have a look at this video I found. It’s a brief tutorial of a song by Coldplay

Piano Tutorial – Free.

Learn Piano Online, YouTube video.

If you are happy to learn the piano this way, it’s 100% legitimate. Now, what will you not get from a video like this? You have nobody or no method of checking on your technique, your posture etc. When you learn piano online, you are the teacher and the student. So it’s very important to keep yourself in check.

If you are interested in learning how to play your favourite songs, and learn how to play along with other songs, it is hard to look past Piano For All. It is truly a great resource that is accessible for all. It will teach you some of the traditional approaches to music and sheet music, but the main focus is to get you playing songs that you enjoy, playing in a way that makes you feel good and have a sense of accomplishment.

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How many hours should I practice per day?

I started to play piano when I was 6 years old. My parents never really forced me to practice. I think if you ask any parent to get their 6 year old to sit at a piano for 30 mins, results are going to…. vary? My point that I’m trying to make is that, yes it is very important to practice, but more important to practice frequently. Say you wanted to practice 30 mins every day this week, that is not same as skipping your practice Monday – Thursday and just playing for 3 hours on Friday.

If I go back to 6 year old me, what I ended up doing was sitting down for 5 mins, playing something that I liked and walked away again. And I did this, maybe 5 or 6 times a day. That’s 30 mins right?

This works fine for a complete beginner. But as you start to progress beyond complete beginner you will need to spend more time at the piano. And these intervals may start to increase to 15 minute blocks and do that maybe 2 or 3 times a day and that stamina will continue to increase.

I think If I was an absolute beginner again and I decided to learn piano online, I think my approach would be something along the lines of: Once or twice a week I would do a lesson from Piano For All. That could be a 30 minute lesson right there. Then for the other days of the week keep working on what you did on the lesson.

I would also look to take what I did in the lessons and start to apply it to other songs that I like, keep building your repertoire. Sight reading is one of Best Exercises you can do.

Can I learn on a Keyboard?

Sure. To Learn piano online, for a beginner you’re not likely to need to full range of the 88 keys on a acoustic piano.

On of the most important features of an acoustic piano is the key action. This is what is often missing from a keyboard. If you are getting a keyboard to learn piano online, I would advise getting one that does have a good hammer action.

I always find it a bit of struggle to switch between playing a keyboard and a piano, particularly if I’ve bene playing one for a long time. The hammer action is the exact reason for this.

If you are getting serious about the piano I would advised upgrading to something that has 88 keys and a good hammer action. Some of the new digital pianos have a really good weighted action, and also come with the benefit of taking up less space and can plug in a set of headphones so you can practice in peace.


Yes, It’s 100% possible to learn piano online. Keep yourself motivated, keep yourself interested. Learn at your own pace and learn the songs that you like to listen to.

Happy playing!

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